Border crossing points

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There are three border crossing points not far away from the CEL-SAD Customs Agency: Gronowo, Grzechotki i Bezledy.

1. Border crossing point Gronowo (Gronowo-Mamonowo) near Braniewo, about 55 km far from Elblg.

> Type of traffic : passenger cars, trucks (Poland-Russia, up to 6 tons of the whole mass)
> tel. (055) 244 06 20 | (089) 661 68 20
> fax (089) 244 06 25
> Gronowo, 14-500 Braniewo
> e-mail: braniewo |at|
> Gronowo Border-Guard
> Provincial Veterinary Inspectorate in Olsztyn

2. Border crossing point Grzechotki (in construction; it is worth noticing that on the Berlin - Kaliningrad route it is going to be the nearest border crossing point) - about 60 km away from Elblg.

Grzechotki border crossing point is practically ready for admission of the first vehicles. The problem is not the border crossing point itself, but the condition of roads leading to it (in particular there is lack of slip-roads on the russian side). The rate of works has become faster during the last months.

On 9th April 2007, the border joining Poland with Kaliningrad District was visited by a large group of guests. Our border crossing points were visited by a representation of the European Committee consisting of 5 people along with 10 people of the russian delegation. The aim of reconnoitring was to get familiar with the actual situation at the border with the particular regard to infra-structure state. Representatives of the Union and Russian Federation visited Gronowo first, then Grzechotki and Bezledy at the end. The guests from the Union showed a lot of understanding. Michael Webb, who was heading a group of the European Committee experts, assured while summing up the visit, that Brussels noticed a difficult situation at the polish-russian border as well as the efforts of services working there. He also said they would try to help us to the best of their abilities. Official opinions of the Committee after inspection will be included in a special report. (source of information: Ryszard Chudy, customs office in Olsztyn)

3. Border crossing point Bezledy (Bezledy-Bagratoniowsk) in Bartoszyce administrative district - about 90 km away from the city of Elblg.

> Type of traffic: passenger cars, trucks (up to 8 tons)
> tel. (089) 763 02 00 | (089) 661 92 00
> fax (089) 763 02 05
> 11-22 Bezledy
> e-mail: bezledy |at|
> Bezledy Border Guard
> Border Veterinary Inspectorate border crossing point Bezledy